"TGN can provide some or all of the professional services you require to build successful online gaming enterprises."

Some of the services that we provide includes business services, technical services or infrastructure components that are necessary in the establishing your online operations. Services and infrastructures can be provided for customers on a component by component basis, or customers can subscribe for a complete turn-key solution. By providing these key services and/or infrastructures, TGN effectively lowers the cost/risk barriers to entering the online gaming business and allows our network-partners to focus on marketing, driving customers to their websites and ultimately, driving profits.

Brand management.

TGN assists companies in promoting and maintaining their online brand presence. This includes strategy assistance for online advertising, search engine optimization, and social media management.

S/W licensing

TGN develops custom internet applications and licenses these to external parties for their use, and also manages installation, maintenance, and monitoring for companies licensing their own intellectual property (in the form of software) to third parties.

IT Support

TGN maintains technological infrastructure including sourcing / provision of servers, enterprise level software solutions and external hosting. Our software development team can also provide custom development (of websites and internet applications) services.


TGN assists companies develop and implement critical infrastructure backup / maintenance plans, select software and hardware solutions, and manage third party development efforts